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African Dream Catcher - Rates

  • Prices are all-inclusive and in Canadian Dollars (CAD).
  • MINIMUM “WEEKLY” High-Season Rentals. 5 PM Friday – 10 AM Friday
    (as per below chart)
  • Minimum “Weekly” Winter rentals
0 - 4 persons
5th, 6th, 7th, 8th person
$ 1440
add $260 each
5:PM Fri - 9PM Sun Spring & Fall only
3-day Weekend
$ 1800
add $320 each
Spring & Fall only
4-day Weekend
$ 2020
add $396 each
Spring & Fall only
4-day mid-week Special
$ 1540
add $352 each
Spring & Fall only
$ 3000
add $480 each
5:PM Fri - 10 AM Fri
10-day Week
$ 5060
add $720 each
Spring & Fall only
$ 10,000
add $2000 each
Monthly Special


$180 - one person; $220 - two persons; $400 - 3 persons; $440 - 4 persons.

Applies to overnight visitors (of clientele) not staying for the entire rental period.

Payment - Deposit & Balance:
2 cheques mailed together ASA(reasonably)P, to confirm the reservation:
1. One (deposit) cheque currently dated for 50%
2. One (balance) cheque post-dated 6 weeks prior to the rental start date.

>6 weeks before rental start date: 90% of total cost will be refunded
<6 weeks: we “very likely” will be able to re-rent. No absolute guarantees though.
Historically, this issue has never been a problem for either our clientele or us.

Damage Deposit:
We have not charged a damage deposit to date which truly reflects the quality of our guests. However, we do reserve the right to do so, at our discretion in extenuating circumstances, for example, in group/event settings, etc. Of course, if there is no damage other than normal wear & tear, the deposit will be promptly returned.

You have only to add your favorite foods, and
pasttimes to make a perfect vacation.

Tranquil Vacations
for Adults Featuring:

No Pets - No Parties - No Children - No Smoking indoors
No noisy conferencing - No noisy re-unioning - No lively parties

Important: We value your privacy and strive to provide a quiet, tranquil vacation. With this in mind our policy is to rent only the upper floors (African Dream Catcher) or lower floors (Sahara-Sahel) of the Big Grey Cottage at any one time. If you rent either unit or both units you will be the only renters in the Big Grey Cottage at any one time.





Email : lakesideottawa@xplornet.com

Telephone :
1 (819) 454-2264

Please Note:
Email is always best as we frequently travel and live
abroad for extended periods. Regretfully telephone
messages cannot always be checked in a timely manner.