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1 Cozy Cottage

Adult only vacation rentals near Ottawa, Canada

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2 Sahara-Sahel

Waterfront lakeside vacation rentals in Quebec, Canada

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3 African Dream Catcher

Lakeside canadian cottage rentals - ADC

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Tranquil Vacations
for Adults

No Pets
No Parties
No Children
No Smoking indoors

Celebrating over a dozen years of beautiful, tranquil Canadian vacations.

Sahara Sahel - Activities

Indoor Entertainment

  • beautifully equipped kitchen for culinary experts
  • Premium package satellite TV with 5 movie and numerous music channels for all tastes
  • Small AM/FM/cassette/CD player, no VCR.
  • Small library, playing cards and a variety of board games

Outdoor Entertainment

Flora / Fauna

Bird watching:
many, many hummingbirds (we?ve seen an albino!) - feeders and food provided; finches, including beautiful black&yellow american goldfinch & purple finches, blue jays, chick-a-dees, woodpeckers, nut hatches, warblers, ducks, loons, etc. Even a stately heron that sometimes visits our dock.

An abundance of friendly chipmunks and excusite red squirrels that busily scurry about but always have time to be hand-fed unshelled peanuts! Our larger pets are the raccoon families that come around just as the chipmunks go to bed. For the more adventurous, they will, ever-so-gently, take pieces of peanut butter sandwiches from your fingers! We have also had deer on the property. Will you be lucky enough to see them swimming across the lake? In the other seasons, especially winter, their numbers increase dramatically. They too love our bird?s sunflower seeds, and come within a few meters of the cottage to get it! Eventually, deer no longer run away when they see us! You simply cannot buy these kinds of therapeutic entertainment!!

Autum Colours:
The LakeSide properties and the closest mountain are primarily treed with sugar maples (and some oak) which transform into a spectacular display of fiery autumn colours in Sept/Oct.

Spring Flower Garden:
Yet to be discovered, are the extensive perennial rock gardens, which are in best bloom from mid-May until mid-June. Imagine winding stone pathways set in 1m wide rivers of beautiful purple and pink thyme!

Beautiful Winter Paradise:
A very different but equally beautiful winter paradise. After the lake is completely and ?solidly? frozen (usually by Christmas), it remains safe to be upon all winter (about 4 months). It is great for cross-country skiing, skating and snowshoeing ? 2 pr snowshoes provided.

Outdoor Activities

Lake is non-motorized watercraft only:

  • Excellent swimming.
  • Watercraft: Canoe, paddle boat - life jackets provided.
  • Water games: noodles, tubes, fins, masks, snorkels, also provided.
  • 3 recreational kayaks can also be made available.

On-shore pasttimes;

  • Games - Badminton with good quality rackets, crocket, bocce, horse shoes, ball gloves, etc.
  • Sunken bonfire pit for your safety and evening entertainment under the stars. Wood provided ? marshmallows not.
  • Star gazing: an ever increasing interest in the planets, moons, clusters, nebulas & constellations. The annual recurring "Perseus" meteor showers are around mid August ? no equipment needed - you only need to sit outside or lay on the dock to witness this grand spectacle!

Off-Premise Activities

Touring Ottawa:
Being the National Capital, there is of course, a treasure trove of things to see and do. Detailed information is available at

Nature Park:
?Papineau-Labelle?(provincial) Game Reserve is uninhabited and situated on the opposite side of the lake. Look across the lake with binoculars and you won't catch anyone looking back! There is a "SEPAQ" park office in Val-des-Bois village (443 Hwy 309) where hiking/fishing and other related info/maps are available. SEPAQ website (819)454-2011

Lake Trout, Bass, & Pike are the predominant game fish. Licenses are available in the village.

Horse Back Riding:
Locations are within a 20 minute drive.

Royal Papineau (819)766-2626: very nice 18 hole public golf course set in a scenic mountain valley. Reasonable green-fee rates, club rentals, electric carts, driving range.

Fruits and Veggies grown locally:
In season "UPick" or buy, strawberries, raspberries, and sweet corn from the local farms.

Alpine skiing:
Christmas Week & New Years Week rentals can include all sorts of activities. The closest ?down-hill? ski resorts are ?Mont Cascades? and ?Edelweiss? which are about 45 minutes away in average winter driving time. "Mont Saint Marie", the largest Ottawa region resort is about 1.5 hrs away. "Mont Tremblant", an International resort, is approximately 2.5 hours drive. Depending on what days these holidays fall on, we divide this time into 2 one-week rental periods. We even provide a boxed tree and decorations for you to put up on arrival to ?ratchet up the spirit? and a bottle of wine to ?spirit up the ratchet?!

Enjoy your mornings under the covered decks
and afternoons on the dock.


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